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“Oxford House means clean living for me. Being here for over 3 months now, it has given me a sense of comradery, stability and direction. The concept keeps me responsible and organized. The house has allowed me to slowly integrate back into society, and hopefully one day get my life back to where it was before becoming addicted.” – A.J.

“Oxford House provides a stable start, and a unique experience of people sharing and living together with a common goal. Such first steps for addicts bring in a positive, nurturing setting, and can really mean the difference between success and relapse.” – G.R.

“It’s been a good experience. I have received support from the guys in a warm environment, and everyone has a good sense of humour.” – P.W.

“Oxford gave me hope where there was no hope before, and no place to go for me but back to the street. They were there to help and to better my life, to give me a chance to get my life back in a safe environment, and with members that care. God Bless!” – G.M.

“After my stay in treatment I had no place to live. My counselor set up an interview with the Oxford Society. When I arrived at the house everyone was very welcoming. I feel that without the house I would have relapsed. I was able to start to learn how to live sober, learning from the other members in the house. The house has given me some normality in my life, being responsible for things such as paying rent on time, cleaning, and holding a job.” – R.P.

“When I was getting prepared to leave Treatment, I was in need of a safe, sober living environment. Oxford House provided me with an opportunity to become a member of a household with a safe, sober structure. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given and am very certain that without that chance I would probably not be where I am today – clean and sober for 8 months and well on the way to once again being a productive member of society. I have nothing but positive vibes and good things to say about my short experience with Oxford House. It was just what I needed to help get me back on my feet. Thank you, Oxford House.” – R.H.

“I have been helped in many different ways that are very important part of life. I am very grateful and thankful that there was a place that helps men like me to find a better way to live life, with responsibility, and a more stable way to live without the use of drugs and alcohol…the Oxford House Society has helped me to see some of those things that I couldn’t see while I was too busy walking down and sometimes running down the wrong path of life.” – F.S.