The Oxford House model subscribes to nine Traditions, or principles. Although the operational aspect of the Canadian Oxford House model may differ somewhat from the American model, our Traditions remain true to its origins:

Oxford House Traditions 

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1. Oxford House has as its primary goal the provision of housing and rehabilitative support for those recovering from alcohol and drug addictions who want to stop drinking or using, and stay stopped.

2. All Oxford Houses are self run on a democratic basis. Our officers are but trusted servants serving continuous periods of no longer than six months in any one office.

3. No Member of an Oxford House is ever asked to leave without cause – a dismissal vote by the membership because of drinking, drug using, or disruptive behaviour.

4. Oxford House is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous, organizationally or financially, but Oxford House members realize that only active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous offers assurance of continued sobriety.

5. Each Oxford House should be autonomous, except in matter affecting other houses, or Oxford House Society of Regina Inc., as a whole.

6. Each Oxford House should be financially self-supporting, by the fees each resident pays.

7. Oxford House should remain forever non-professional, although individual members may be encouraged to access professional expertise whenever such utilization is likely to enhance recovery from alcoholism.

8. Propagation of the Oxford House Society of Regina concept should always be conceived as public education rather than promotion. Principles should always be placed before personalities.

9. Members who leave an Oxford House in good standing are encouraged to become associate members and offer friendship, support, and example, to newer members.

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“I have been helped in many different ways that are very important part of life. I am very grateful and thankful that there was a place that helps men like me to find a better way to live life, with responsibility, and a more stable way to live without the use of drugs and alcohol…the Oxford House Society has helped me to see some of those things that I couldn’t see while I was too busy walking down and sometimes running down the wrong path of life.” – F.S.

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