Outreach Program

Oxford House Regina provides safe, affordable housing for men and women in recovery from addictions.

Our Admissions Criteria requires that any client must have completed an addictions treatment program within the last year and be ready to demonstrate a commitment to begin the transition back into the community.

As an essential component of rehabilitation, individuals must either gain  employment or become involved in educational upgrading. Because our Houses operate on the premise of sharing expenses, it is important that each person contribute their share through Member fees.
Since each House is democratically peer-driven by the residents, it is important to hold a weekly House meeting to discuss house business. Residents are also required to attend a minimum of two weekly 12-step meetings and undertake any further counselling they may need.
Members of each house are responsible for contributing to the care of the house (inside and/or outside maintenance). These duties are shared amongst the Members.
OHSR does not have a maximum time limit for residents. As we respect the judgment of our Members, we leave it to each individual to identify when the time is right to depart. Some residents stay for years, not because of affordability, but because of the peer support they find in Oxford Houses.
“Oxford gave me hope where there was no hope before, and no place to go for me but back to the street. They were there to help and to better my life, to give me a chance to get my life back in a safe environment, and with members that care. God Bless!” – G.M.