The Oxford House concept is based on a successful model developed in the U.S. The first Oxford House was established in 1975 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Due to cuts in government funding, the halfway

McMurchy residence...

McMurchy residence…

house residents were faced with eviction.  One of the men – a lawyer – came up with the idea to rent and operate the house on a self-run, democratic, peer-supported basis.

After days of discussion and planning, the Oxford House concept was born. In 2015, there are now over 1800 Houses  in the United States. The concept has also spread to England, Australia, and more recently, to Canada.

In May of 1994, a group of individuals interested in the unique concept of Oxford House began discussions on how to bring this “revolution in recovery” to Alberta. A volunteer Board of Directors was formed, and The Oxford House Foundation of Canada was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta in February 1995, and obtained its charitable status in October 1997.

The first Oxford House in Canada was opened in Calgary in 1995 as a house for women, with three more houses for men to follow in 1996 and 1997. Today, Oxford House of Canada in Calgary has approximately 40 residences  throughout Alberta  – for men and for women.

Oxford House Society of Regina (OHSR) opened its first house in Regina in 2010. Since then, 4 more Houses have opened for a total of 25 beds – 4 for men and 1 for women. OHSR anticipates a sixth House to open in 2017-2018

“Oxford House provides a stable start, and a unique experience of people sharing and living together with a common goal. Such first steps for addicts bring in a positive, nurturing setting, and can really mean the difference between success and relapse.” – G.R.

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